Top Maps of 2017

As a community focused on the Lower Midwest, we never get tired of picking apart our place’s connections and differences. Here are the top-clicked maps we shared in 2017.

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State shapes with books overlaid

Image Credit: Skye Gould/Tech Insider

The Most Famous Book That Takes Place in Every State

Nevermind that this map is from 2016. These are classics we’re talking about. Well . . . actually, looking at Washington, maybe not all of them are classics. See where your state stands.


Image Credit: Radical Cartography

Radical Cartography: Tree Patterns

If our click numbers are any indication, Radical Cartography could make prints of these and make a killing. They’re beautiful. But it’s the interactive comparison of species that really sets this map series apart.


Overhead satellite map showing glyphs in forest

Image Credit: Google Maps

Typographic Ecosystems

Huge glyphs cut into Ozark forests are important to landscape research. Here’s how a map mystery unfolded.


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