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6 New Books Guaranteed To Renew Your Promise to Purpose

Many Midwestern writers leave for the coasts. Hats off to those stay. These books will inspire you to commit to a meaningful...

Wichita Mountains by Adora Martin

Three Poems by Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Sarah Fawn Montgomery holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from California State University-Fresno and a PhD in creative writing from...


How Adam Saunders designs a better Midwest future

Adam Saunders is an urban farmer, forester, entrepreneur and futurist thinker. His feature in The New Territory Issue 01 is...

Free Story of the Month: The Dependents

Free Story of the Month: The Dependents

  BY MICHAEL NOLL | ARTWORK BY ANDY VALDIVIA | THE NEW TERRITORY ISSUE 02 | PDF Version Nancy had been cooking all day:...


“I decided, ‘I’m not ashamed of where I’m from.'” Stacie Bloomfield on the business of art.

Gingiber, based in Springdale, Arkansas, is an illustrative paper goods company selling art prints, greeting cards and tea towels with...

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Why Subscribe to the New Territory?

If you’ve considered subscribing, but haven’t been sure what the New Territory is all about, this blog might clear some...

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