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The New Territory is the publication showcasing life in the Lower Midwestern states as creative, inclusive and inspiring.

To elevate voices of a region that has too-long gone unnoticed, we rely on individuals to help support our contributors and printing costs.

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2019 Patrons


Jack Holland

Issue 08 Friends of The New Territory

Duncan Foss | Jill DeWitt | Jeanie Simpson | Casey Canfield & Hannah Roos | Kit & Cathy Salter | Carol Davit & Mike Leahy | Jeff & Jane Schaeperkoetter

2018 Patrons

Pat Jones

Issue 07 Patrons

Emily Troxell Jaycox | Scott Yeargain | Jeff & Jane Schaeperkoetter | Sean Nahlik | Mary Beth Tighe | Steve Kidwell | Chad Davis | Anonymous | Debbie & Jamie Coe | Dale Dufer | Casey Canfield & Hannah Roos | Joe Chevalier | Margo Farnsworth & Jim Pascoe | Jack Holland

Issue 06 Patrons

Patrick Margherio | Three Story Coffee | Suzanne Luther | Joe Chevalier | Chris Holmes | Jeanie Simpson

2017 Patrons

Pat Jones

Issue 05 Patrons

Chad Davis | Jeanie Simpson | Rachel Myslivy | Kim Lozano | Suzanne Luther | Joe Chevalier | Laura Cole

Issue 04 Patrons

Zephan Hazell | Reyna Jones | Paul Haluszczak | Cathy & Dick Kahoe | Chad Davis | Scott Yeargain

2016 Patrons

Issue 03 Patrons

Zephan Hazell | Duncan Foss | Suzanne Luther | Dick Kahoe | Julia Haslanger | Anonymous | Anonymous | Tony Smith | Chad Davis | Reyna Jones

Issue 02 Patrons

Jeanie Simpson | Patrick Margherio | Duncan Foss

Issue 01 Patrons

Duncan Foss | Logboat Brewing Co. | Jeanie Simpson | Zephan Hazell | The Root Cellar