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If you’ve considered subscribing, but haven’t been sure what the New Territory is all about, this blog might clear some things up for you.

In a time of faster-than-ever journalism, we wanted to slow things down with the New Territory. The slow journalism revolution has slowly been taking storm, and while we are proudly partaking, we like to think that the information we’re consuming on a daily basis should provide the right mental-nutrition. In short: less fast-food journalism, and more healthy, spirit-lifting stories that will carry us on through the week.

We selected our region because this is where we live, and we wanted to provide our neighbors with something substantial, qualitative and refreshing. A platform for in-depth journalism, awe-inspiring photography and art, prose-filled poetry and literature, needs contributors who love what they’re creating, and readers who love what they’re reading. This is the difference we strive for, and it starts with you as a subscriber. Become a part of our growing community, and give life to something beautiful near you. 

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