Work with us!

The New Territory is an autobiography of the Lower Midwest. Each issue, dozens of contributors put the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska in the center of the universe. We collaborate on the cloud, and in a few rare, shining moments, we get to meet each other and other readers in person.


Two years after our first launch party, we are celebrating a launch of a different kind: a new fellowship program for creative, optimistic Midwesterners with passions for the region’s land, people and possibilities.


Our fellows program is a 12-week commitment to serve with The New Territory core team in key advisory, design and editing roles May 28 through August 17 (scroll down for position descriptions). We ask for a minimum of 4 hours of service each week. At conclusion of the season, fellows may opt to extend their participation. 


This is an experiment. Until now, The New Territory has published 5 issues with a core team of 5 people, none of whom work for The NT full-time. We have designed these fellowships to create opportunities for more people to work with us, and to unlock potential for The New Territory to become profitable. We are unable to pay fellows at this time. We will pay a stipend for travel, subscriptions for you and your loved ones, and a New Territory T-shirt. Fellows will be recognized in The New Territory masthead and online.


We are looking for flexible, dependable people to help our project move to the next level.


We invite people from all stages of their schooling and career to apply.




  • Minimum 4 hours of active service per week, depending on fellows’ schedule
  • 3-day group retreat in the span of ~July 7-15
  • Attend at least 3 events on behalf of The NT (tabling or networking)
  • Weekly email check-in
  • Weekly 40-minute Zoom video conference with entire team (typically scheduled on a weeknight at about 7 p.m. If this is an obstacle for you, please address in your cover letter)
  • Participation on Slack channels
  • 3-6 hours spent recruiting for diversity, during 12-week commitment
  • Having an entrepreneurial attitude: develop new ideas, have an open mind
  • Loving the Lower Midwest
  • Reading back issues and current issues of The NT and knowing our upcoming lineup



  • Cover Letter (as attachment)
  • Resume or CV (as attachment)
  • Apply for up to two positions, described below
  • Email with the position(s) you are applying for as the subject line.


Cover letter should address these questions:

  • What is your background and your relevant experience or ambition related to this position?
  • What is your relationship to the Lower Midwest?
  • Why do you want to be part of a journal that’s an autobiography of the Lower Midwest?
  • What particular obstacles do you foresee in fulfilling responsibilities during this 12-week commitment?
  • Do you have other job/educational commitments this summer? If so, please describe.



Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate a considered perspective on the Lower Midwest.


Because we intend to run fellowships more in the future, our first cohort will be intentionally small and scrappy. We may accept more than one applicant for some positions.



Applications are due by May 21 at 11:58 Central Standard Time. Those accepted will be notified by May 25.



Fellows will serve May 28 through August 17.



Fellowship Positions

Service includes responsibilities listed above, as well as these expectations unique to the position.



  • Design icons for our website, poster elements and newsletter
  • Design new recruitment posters
  • Design infographic spread for our upcoming issue
  • Self-directed projects (to be determined after first 3-4 weeks)



  • Totally manage, on contributor-level, managing and editing front-of-book departments
  • Manage editing of features (keeping track of editors who are working with feature and literature contributors)
  • Manage pitch-reading and, if applicant has MFA or undergraduate degree in creative writing, screen literature submissions
  • Self-directed projects (to be determined after first 3-4 weeks)



  • Read prose submissions make recommendations regarding publication (MFA preferred, though we are happy to consider those with a PhD or combination of experience, especially if you have been a reader before) 
  • Self-directed projects (to be determined after first 3-4 weeks)



  • Plan and execute launch party (issue 06 or 07)
  • Arrange and execute 1 event (such as a reader meetup, panel discussion, or gallery show)
  • Arrange and execute 1 workshop
  • Collaborate with The New Territory publisher a large fall event
  • Self-directed projects (to be determined after first 3-4 weeks)



  • Serve an advisory role on geographic or topical affiliation
  • Actively recruit contributors, audience and sponsors
  • please note, we likely need more time to fully develop the outpost editor position