Best of Issue 06: Our Creative Director Shares Her Favorite Spreads

Issue 06 is coming together.

It’s finally at the stage where I can see payoff from all the work our team has put into it the last four months.


Spread from "You're Not in Kansas Anymore . . . You're in Omaha" by Bruce Johansen, with illustrations by Torren Thomas.

Spread from “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore . . . You’re in Omaha” by Bruce Johansen, with illustrations by Torren Thomas.


My favorite part of making this magazine is getting to touch what each person has contribute and stitch it together into something new. It is made of a million parts, but is somehow turning into its very own cohesive thing, with a personality all its own. It is markedly different than all the issues that came before, as others that follow will be unique.

Each time we create this book, it flows more naturally. The first year of publishing was all about getting a system into place.




Now when I design an issue, I make less big decisions and get to focus on the particularities of each piece of content.

Issue 06 contains a lot of vast, deceptively empty spaces. There’s a great deal of traveling and reflecting. We are thrilled to work with some amazing photographers and cinematographers whose work makes the issue glow.


four photos of ranchers in North Dakota

Spread from “Hinterlands,” stills from a film by Eli Reichman.


When it comes together, I envision the magazine reflecting the writing and the landscapes inside. Plenty of room to wander and ruminate, the important things and the beautiful things where they’ve been all along.

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 Katerina Hazell
Katerina Hazell
Katerina Hazell is the creative director of The New Territory magazine and freelance graphic designer pursuing an MFA at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. You can email her at katerina.hazell[at] or tweet to @KaterinaHazell.


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