Your Platemaster Contribution Provides Vital Funds

You know The New Territory stories don’t have filler. Every piece is carefully considered, and we want to honor the contributors who create things for our community.

If you think what we’re doing is valuable, and if you want to contribute to a community that says, “hey, the Lower Midwest is f—ing awesome, and we make a space to support different voices showing you how,” then consider becoming a New Territory Platemaster.

Platemasters provide vital funds for paying our writers, artists, designer and printer. Since we’re a small operation, even $100 goes a really long way.

You can help The New Territory bring creative writing and literary journalism to the Lower Midwest.

As a thank-you, we will send you an extra two copies of The New Territory, a small gift, and add your name to our Platemaster listing in the back inside cover of our magazine.

Our Platemaster listing is a perfect opportunity to:

  • showcase your own passion project
  • tell people about your business or organization
  • or simply add your name to a growing community of optimistic Midwesterners hell-bent on supporting creative and journalistic work in the Lower Midwest

Have more to give? You can increase the quantity of your order, or email to discuss sponsorship relationships with Tina.

Together, we’re writing an autobiography of the Lower Midwest. Thank you in advance for your support.

Click here to become a Platemaster for The New Territory Issue 06: Hinterlands.

Tina Casagrand
Tina Casagrand
Tina Casagrand is the publisher of The New Territory magazine, a student of the indie print magazine business, and 8th generation Missourian hell-bent on finding and sharing new possibilities for meaningful life in the Midwest. You can email her at tina[at] or tweet to @gasconader.


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