Your Must-Have Midwest Made Products for 2019

Here are some of our favorite products from the region, featured in The New Territory Issue 05Issue 06 and Issue 07.

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Regenerous Designs

Northwest Arkansas designer Alyssa Bird uses upcycled fabric to make adjustable headbands, bowties, jewelry and more.


Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Need some new plant friends? Native wildflowers are independent, tolerant of local conditions and complex enough to keep your interest for years. NT sponsor Missouri Wildflowers Nursery has grown local ecotypes for years and will mail your plants.


Nebraska Ceramic Art by Susan Witthun Leise

Every year between March and April sandhill cranes refuel for migration in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska. For a momento that lasts as long, get ceramic art by local Kearney artist Susan Witthun Leise. Available at the annual Audubon Nebraska Sandhill Crane Festival, or find her on Facebook.

$15, Susan Witthun Leise

Shoot The Messenger

Counter culture poet John Dorsey is out with his 50th book of conversational poetry. Fellow Osage Arts Community resident, Greg Edmondson, has 11 visual panels that usher the weird story further.


Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West

Mark Spitzer snags, noodles and conducts meetings of his Fishing Support Group all across the Territory. It’s not just an adventure book. It’s a deep dive into the environmental conservation history of the region.


Photo Jun 02, 6 20 57 AM

Chalice Press


Out of St. Louis, Missouri, Chalice Press publishes books that represent a side of the Christian religion that doesn’t get much press. They represent authors and ideas who put forward messages of acceptance, justice, and equality. This volume, by Kansan author David Phillips Hansen, evaluates what role the Christian church can (and ought) to play in supporting the restoration of the rights of its Native Peoples.



One of our favorite Ozarks lifestyle brands, bring you the stackable, sturdy and stylish Riverside Chair. Unfold and let loose your campfire tales.




Pottery artist Daisy Friesen creates unique, homey vessels inspired by the native plants around her home in Kansas. This mug, perfect for morning coffee, bears the stamp of Kansas’ billowing wheat fields.


Where the Dead Sit Talking 


A coming-of-age novel about a displaced teen in a bleak, dark part of Oklahoma. Short-listed for the National Book Award.


Markham & Fitz Chocolate


While Bentonville, Arkansas might not jump to your minds as a chocolate mecca, Markham & Fitz Chocolate is working hard to create a magical chocolate experience in handmade bean-to-bar chocolate bars, chocolate drinks, and other concoctions in their cafe. Ethically sourced and sustainably farmed, this 70% dark chocolate bar holds tasting notes of fig, berries, and chicory, and is as smooth as silk. The perfect companion for an afternoon coffee and reading break.


Hand-dyed textiles 


Part of Wichita designer Liv Grant’s signature style, made with natural cotton and dyes, they feel soft on your skin and the planet.


The New Territory Merch

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