On Being Told, “You Have a Beautiful Product Nobody Knows About,” and the Team Turning that Around

Here’s some irony for you: The New Territory–a magazine whose lifeblood is the power of stories–has had trouble getting out its own story. At a 1 Million Cups talk in Springfield, an audience member told me, “You have a beautiful product that nobody knows about.” It’s a cringe-inducing truth.

It’s taken me a while to get over the humility or anti-establishment allergy to all things marketing. Business can support a creative economy, and I believe we have a duty to share our beautiful product with the people who would love to buy it if they knew about it.

(Sidenote: for a masterclass in much-deserved journalistic self-promotion, follow the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Carson Vaughn, who is nailing it with his new book.)

We also have been simply so busy making the magazine that we haven’t had energy to spread the word. What we learned from the first fellowship period is that we don’t need five new editors right now. We do need people focused on putting The New Territory in front of the right eyes.

With that in mind we set up our second fellowship and, I’m proud to announce, have selected three fantastic candidates to build our sponsorship and marketing arms into a league just as deeply beautiful as our editorial team.

Here are the New Territory marketing and development fellows and interns for Spring 2019:

Kevin Mahler, Development


Kevin Mahler is the owner and president of Contributed Line, a grant writing, fundraising, and content creation company. Kevin has worked in nonprofit fundraising since 2008 and is interested in the lessons that the nonprofit world can learn from the world of literary journalism. A lifelong Midwesterner, Kevin lives in Nebraska with his wife, kids, and Shetland sheepdog, Murphy.

Miranda Craig, Marketing


Miranda S. Craig is a multimedia maker born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised practically everywhere else. Having attended twelve different schools across Missouri by the time she was a senior in high school, she then chose to earn Bachelor’s degrees in both Journalism and Psychology at Mizzou and make Columbia her home. Her creative influences are rooted in mysticism, religiosity, spacetime and in attempts at understanding how humans are a part of all this in the first place. She can often be found managing the extraordinary/ordinary paradox of life by enjoying nature, connecting with her community, and taking long bubble baths.

Danielle Kirk, Marketing

DanielleKirk (2)

Danielle Kirk will graduate this May ‘19, with a degree in Strategic Communication: Design, and minor in Event Planning from Stephens College (Columbia, Mo.). Her life is filled with adventure, exploring every trail she can. Danielle likes testing the boundaries of life itself, solving every problem that is put in front of her with her head held high. Danielle is a natural-born leader, reaching out to inspire others to work together and better the world.

Want to help?

Personal recommendations will always be our strongest selling point. You can help us by inviting people to like us on Facebook and sharing nice things about @newterritorymag on Twitter and Instagram.

We truly believe that the Lower Midwest will be a better region the more people we can reach with the “Here is Good” message. So thank you, as always, for supporting us along the way.

Tina Casagrand
Tina Casagrand
Tina Casagrand is the publisher of The New Territory magazine, a student of the indie print magazine business, and 8th generation Missourian hell-bent on exploring new possibilities for meaningful life in the Midwest. You can email her at tina[at]newterritorymag.com or tweet to @gasconader.

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