Spoiler alert: The New Territory’s Endurance issue is rad, and it’s almost finished. The stories in Issue 08 are full of heart, the words are weighty, and the photography is—dare I be cliché?—breathtaking.

One of my favorite spreads from 08 is the introductory page to the new Food & Philosophy section. While award-winning artist Merlin Little Thunder’s words need no garnish, thanks to Tulsa-based photographer Sarah Eliza Roberts, pepper pasta has never looked so good.


Another favorite Issue 08 spread of mine is from Sarah Hoffman’s photo essay about Nebraska hunting. While Hoffman’s primary visual arc follows the hunting life of a 13-year-old girl named Addie, she also includes photographs of poached game, safari auctions, and infant gift rifles in her essay. Hoffman’s compelling photography asks us to question our assumptions about Nebraska and hunting – no matter which side of the gun debate issue you fall on.


And, finally, Haley Rains, who photographed the “Ceremony is Protest, Protest is Ceremony” feature story on the Wakarusa Wetlands for Issue 07, joins the ranks of photographers showcased in “KatieYF’s Best of NT 08 Spreads”. The patterns and colors captured in Rains’s dreamcatchers photograph (taken in Lawrence, Kansas, at the Haskell Indian Art Market) adds just the right tone of vibrancy to the Endurance issue.


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Katie Young Foster is the creative director and literature editor for The New Territory. She grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska. She is a fiction writer and pie-baker. She teaches fiction at West Texas A&M University.