Join our independent volunteer team to gain experience in arts funding!

About the position: 

The volunteer role provides a hands-on learning opportunity in arts development. The volunteer will work directly with the New Territory’s Editor-in-Chief and Development Director. They will develop the magazine’s sponsorship, subscription, and stockist portfolios. This will include outreach to booksellers, shops, and more to establish and nurture relationships with potential and current funders. They will research and write briefs on potential funders, as well as explore strategies to cultivate the magazine’s sponsorship. There will be flexibility in tailoring the role to the skills and desired learning outcomes of the volunteer. The volunteer will engage in 5-10 smaller tasks a week, a time commitment of approximately 10 hours a month. 

About The New Territory: 

The New Territory is an independently produced publication often called “the autobiography of the Lower Midwest.” The beautiful, lovingly produced print magazine and other products aim to capture the life and vivacity of our region, working against the notion of a monoculture “flyover country.” In each issue, we feature longform journalism, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, reviews, and more. We highlight Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, although we frequently color outside of those geographic lines. We print on a bi-annual basis, each issue around 120 pages. 


  • Identify potential sponsors from local and regional communities, introducing sponsors to The New Territory, and pursuing leads on potential sponsors. Must have ability to stay organized and on top of numerous email exchanges.
  • Identify stockists (booksellers and other shops), taking and fulfilling orders and updating our public list of stockists.
  • Manage every step of the “sales” process with constituents, finding answers for their questions from the New Territory team, and offering frictionless methods of payment and fulfillment.
  • Acknowledge constituents appropriately after point of purchase. (Stockists will want a screenshot of their business’ name of the website, etc.) 
  • Help organize in mass-purchase/mass subscription campaigns (universities, public libraries, etc.) once every one to two years.
  • Join EIC and Development Director on monthly progress report call.
  • Track and record communication with prospective sponsors, stockists, and mass subscription entities in simple, transparent format.


  • Ability to join a Zoom or conference call (Constituent Development Meeting) monthly, occasionally more (as needed), to report on status of accounts and discuss strategy and ongoing actions.
  • Willingness to pursue conversations with five (5) potential stockists, (5) potential sponsors, and five (5) potential mass-subscription candidates per month.
  • Understanding of the mission and core values of The New Territory magazine.
  • Willingness to call and email people who you have not met, to initiate conversations about sponsorship, mass subscription, or becoming a stockist.
  • Willingness to work from home, use your own phone, computer, and software.
  • Ability to access and adapt to multiple communication forums and formats, converting documents into PDFs and MS Office documents as needed, transitioning, for example, from LinkedIn Messenger to email to text to phone-call with ease.
  • Ability to speak up and advocate for what they need to be successful in this role. We are grateful for volunteers and we want to do all we can to set you up for success!
  • Self-started, self-motivated, ability to work independently from home.

You will receive:


  • Training in all the above mentioned responsibilities. We want to set you up for success! We won’t make you work without giving you a thorough look at our time-tested processes in bringing constituents into The New Territory world.
  • Intimate look at the promises and challenges of funding creative work in the Midwest.
  • Experience in operating the “business side” of a high-quality publication. 
  • Hands-on learning opportunity in arts development.


  • Reasonable expectations of work that can be done by volunteers.
  • Generous flexibility in schedule, workload, and deadlines. 
  • The undying appreciation of our team of dedicated professionals.
  • No monetary remuneration, but occasional New Territory merchandise gifts.


  • Access to the Lower Midwest’s most brilliant editors, writers, literary professionals, bookstore owners, and other supporters of The New Territory’s vision.
  • The opportunity to be part of a volunteer team dedicated to diverse representation of the region through art and journalism.
  • Knowledge of the full ecosystem of literary magazines in this region.

Volunteer Dates: 

June 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021

Application Deadline: 

May 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CT

To Apply:

Please send a resume and 1-page cover letter expressing your interest to by the application deadline.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at