Feminist Theory: From Jesus to Center


Should anyone ever wonder what my passions are, simply ask what I’m currently reading. It’s a question that brings the biggest smile on my face, and the answer will almost always be a combination of theology and feminism. At the moment I’m bouncing between Roxane Gay’s critically acclaimed, Bad Feminist, and Barbara Hughes’, Disciplines of a Godly Woman. In the back of my mind I’m jokingly telling myself that one day I’ll write my own merger of the two: The Disciplines of a Godly, Bad Feminist. Baby steps, for sure. I work hard at convincing myself it isn’t ironic, this Christian feminism. Scholars in both theology and feminism, respectively, have bashed the other at some point. Then here I am. Pleading, like Rodney King, for the intersectionality of the two.

Both Christianity and Feminism can spark negative ideas. People generalize feminism by saying that we hate men. And Christians? Some people say we hate and judge pretty much all people. Both generalizations are contrary to the foundation of beliefs of either. So why, you might ask, would I want to identify with or bridge the gap between these two identities? Because both have played, and continue to play, a major role in my life.

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