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Founded by a journalist in 2015, The New Territory is a quarterly print magazine of and for the Lower Midwest. Our writers live here, see powerful stories happening every day, and document them through longform journalism, literature, photojournalism and art. The best part is, you can hold the magazine in your hands, share it with your friends, and connect with your neighbors in new ways.

These are our five focal states, from the lower part of the Louisiana Territory: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. If you're from nearby, there still might be room for you, but we're going to give love to these five first.

Our focal states are Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. But borders are silly and drawn by The Man. We scribble outside the lines if the story is right.


Our Vision

We’ve heard the criticism. The Midwest is “flyover country.” A decade behind any trend. If you want to succeed, says the mainstream story, move to the coasts.

The New Territory dismantles that notion. As a magazine built by narrative journalists, creative artists and provocative thinkers of America’s heartland, we’re the voice of a region ready for its own identity. Our “Territory” covers part of the original Louisiana Territory—south-central states west of the Mississippi River including, but not exclusive to Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

New stories are evolving here, but they’re going undocumented. Joel Kotkin, an international authority on economic and demographic trends, calls the region a relative “zone of sanity,” where people are moving to start families, find dependable work and set their own standards for success. The Midwest is a stable foundation where our own residents thrive and people from other places bring great ideas and feel free to experiment.

But this reality comes with challenges, both social and enviornmental. The New Territory looks toward a brighter future for the region, celebrates what we’re doing well and where we could be doing better.

The New Territory sets itself apart from other titles from the South-Central U.S. in three significant ways. First, our diversity and youth offers fresh insight that isn’t prevalent in our region’s mainstream media. Second, our mix of journalism and literature satisfies an intellectual medium that pure arts/lifestyle magazines or pure journals can’t match. And finally, our coverage border is expansive and flexible, allowing great work to seep into the Territory, and leaving space for reporting on issues upstream or nearby that affect life in our core.

There is no unity in the Territory. At least, not at first sight. From geology that shapes our rocky hills and flat plains, to the cultures that shape our home lives, we come from different foundations. Diversity makes us strong, and we’re poised to be stronger because of it. With a mind toward what’s past and an eye toward the future, The New Territory’s content is as nuanced, fun and complex as our readers.

And that’s where we find unity: in a desire for deeper understanding of our world and worlds just next door. The title itself embodies questions of origin and ownership: Who has power in this land? How shall we experience it? How can we change it for the better? The New Territory is created for readers to learn something new about the region through a lens of imagination, progress and delight.

Our investigative features are sourced from journalists who know the region, seek solutions to problems, and have access to interesting and obscure sources. Narrative reporting comprises about 2/5 of our content. We also feature expert commentary in politics, science and society in feature-length articles and shorter front-of-book sections. Our literary and artistic pieces experiment with identity, science and social progress. We welcome stories by emerging and established talent, and our contributing editors will serve to not only make writing better, but also ensure our stories honor historical and cultural context. By the time The New Territory goes to print, we’re confident the stories will enlighten and entertain each reader.



Our Team





ONLINE EDITOR: Bryce McElhaney


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