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Founded by a journalist in 2015, The New Territory is a biannual autobiography of possibilities in the Lower Midwest, edited by and for Midwesterners. Send us your work. Pitch us your dream projects.

Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to send their work our way. We want to hear from you!

The New Territory publishes literature and longform journalism. We are a paying market.

Each section has different guidelines. Click to learn more about each: journalism pitches | personal essay submissions and pitches | review submissions | literature submissions | art and photography guidelines

photo by Zephan Hazell

Journalism Pitch Guidelines

Before pitching, get familiar with The New Territory. Buy a copy here or read article previews.

  • Submit article and feature pitches to our executive editor Sara Maillacheruvu on Submittable.
  • In your pitch, show what your story is about (characters, narrative arc), its relevance to the Territory, your plans for the text (length, how soon it could be ready for publication), who you are, and why you’re the person to write the story.
  • Include 2-3 of your best clips (unpublished work for a class or personal project is perfectly acceptable).
  • Section specifics:
    • Photo essays: Pitch photo essays or let us know your availability for assignments. See our Photography and Art Submission Guidelines for more.
    • Features and articles: In 3-5 paragraphs pitch longform features, reviews and shorter articles. Features will run no fewer than 2,000 words of narrative, investigative or immersion stories from the Lower Midwest. Department articles average 300-500 words.

If you’re a writer who is just emerging, we will connect you with an editor who can help make your story sing. Please don’t let experience keep you from pitching.

“Here” Section Pitches and Submissions (Personal Essays and Photos)

The Here section is devoted to short personal essays (300-500 words) that focus on something that situates the personal in a sense of place, whether that be a specific location, a region, or even a specific object that evokes a sense of space. You should have a tie to the lower Midwest, whether that means you grew up in the region or if you are a transplant to the region.

In your pitch or submission, show us your plan for the narrative arc, the story’s relevance to our focal region, your tie to the region, (including but not exclusive to Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska), and why you’re the right person to write the story.

Submit or pitch your essays here.

Review Submissions

Our review section seeks reviews on events, books, cafes, fashion, music, food, art, monuments, and anything else that you feel deserves to be talked about. The reviewer should have some sort of tie to the Lower Midwest and, ideally, the thing you want to review would also have some relationship to the region, which we loosely define as the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. We are interested in Midwestern perspectives on both regional and national works. Submit a review to Julia Shiota via Submittable.

      • Final document will be up to 750 words.
      • Cover letter should touch briefly on your connection to the region and a brief description of what you wish to review.
        • Include your name and email address in the header or footer of your document.
        • File name should begin with author’s last name and include genre of submission.
      • If you are the creator or agent of a piece of media you would like us to review, please email Julia directly at Please note we only run 3-4 reviews per printed issue.

Literature Submission Guidelines

The New Territory cultivates regional identity through narrative journalism, provocative commentary, fresh literature and meaningful art. Contributors include emerging and established voices of the south-central US, including Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

Our literature section seeks fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, comics, and genre-benders with teeth, a heart, and a roving intelligence trained on and emerging from this region.

Completed submissions and queries should be directed to our Submittable page.



Prose and drama:  Up to 25 pages

Poetry: Up to 10 pages or 5-8 poems, with each poem beginning on a new page

Comics:  Inquire first

File Type and Setup

Please include a cover letter as the first page of your submission.

File name should begin with author’s last name and include genre of submission

.docx and .rtf files preferred for poetry, prose and drama

.pdf preferred for comics and acceptable in other genres if there’s a good reason for it

Photography and Art Submission Guidelines

The New Territory wants to publish the work of our region’s artists and photographers. If you want to submit your work for consideration, please follow these guidelines:

  • We’ll consider anything, from anyone. If you or your work has a tie to the lower Midwest, we’ll consider it! We aim for diversity in subject, media, and location. Landscape photos are welcome, but images featuring other subjects (architecture, people, animals) get bonus points.
  • Please send no more than five images. We appreciate receiving a well-curated selection of work. Let us know if you’ve got more, and we may ask to see it.
  • Initial images can be sent in any size or format. Whatever is convenient for you is convenient for us! We accept links to services like Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as email attachments.

Introduce yourself and send images to

File Type and Setup

  • jpeg, tiff, psd, pdf, ai
  • 300 ppi
  • approximately 4500 x 3200 pixels or larger