Our Team

Tina Casagrand, Publisher & Editor

Katie Young Foster, Creative Director & Literature Editor

Sara Usha Maillacheruvu, Executive Editor

Emily Blackshear Hull, Food Editor

Julia Shiota, Departments Editor

Dan Holtmeyer, Copy Editor

Jenna Dobyns, Editorial Intern

Kevin Mahler, Development Manager

Silas Glaude, Pony Express (mailing)

Duncan Foss, Customer Service

Della Rue Fossagrand, Office Manager



 Tina Casagrand’s favorite places are mossy woods, big rivers and coffee shops serving single origin coffees. Raised by her great-grandparents on the northern Ozark border in Dixon, MO, she now makes a home in Jefferson City with her dog, boyfriend and his family. She loves road trips. She is a self-taught expert of bad Nicolas Cage films. Don’t tell her print is dead. On Twitter @gasconader.


 Katie Young Foster grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska. She is a fiction writer and pie-baker. She teaches fiction at West Texas A&M University.

Sara Usha Maillacheruvu was born in Brooklyn but calls Peoria, IL, home. She works in community development and cares about sustainable growth. She enjoys creative nonfiction, running and blueberry pie.


Emily Blackshear Hull directs the Deep Roots: Oklahoma Authors Oral History Project for the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program at the Oklahoma State University Library in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She also produces and co-hosts the Dear Oklahoma podcast, a collaboration with KOSU radio and the Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa. Emily grew up in northeast Arkansas and moved to Oklahoma in 2005. She owns way too many cookbooks and is probably reading one with her daughter, Madeleine, right now.


Julia Shiota is a Japanese-American writer and editor whose work centers on questions of identity formation, nationhood and belonging through the lens of literature. She holds Master’s degrees in English Literature and Japanese Studies, both of which provide key methodological approaches to her writing. Her work can be found at www.juliashiota.com.


Dan Holtmeyer is a journalist and photographer in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. He grew up in Missouri and Nebraska and reported on public affairs and science in Oklahoma and Arkansas before moving up north in 2018.

Jenna Dobyns is a native of Springfield, MO, and currently a student in international studies at Webster University. She enjoys photography, hiking and reading.


Kevin Mahler is the owner and president of Contributed Line, a grant writing, fundraising, and content creation company. Kevin has worked in nonprofit fundraising since 2008 and is interested in the lessons that the nonprofit world can learn from the world of literary journalism. A lifelong Midwesterner, Kevin lives in Nebraska with his wife, kids and Shetland sheepdog, Murphy.


Silas Glaude was born in Sitka, AK, but has lived in Columbia, MO, for over half his life. He attends Fr. Tolton Catholic HS where he enjoys learning, running and leading. He sees a future in law and public policy.


Duncan Foss is both jack and master of trades. Unverified as Jefferson City’s first male vegan yoga teacher, he has since rolled through careers as varied as home remodeler, burner of prairie and wildland fire fighter. His proudest accomplishment, other than somehow raising his wild children to the double digits, is serving as The New Territory’s customer service manager, where he has won “best customer service” all five years of publication.


Della Rue Fossagrand loves deconstructing three dimensional forms into two dimensional confetti, by any means necessary. She rejoices when The New Territory sells out of a box of magazines. Empty box? More like “easily recyclable shredded cardboard.”