Growing Points: The New Territory Issue 01

Issue 01, Photo by Benjamin Zack

Cover Photo by Benjamin Zack

The earth gives us strength in the Lower Midwest. Whether it’s building relationships through a river’s meandering, betting on dirt for your livelihood or planning 1,000 years ahead with local land as a guide, our successes all come from right where we’re planted.

It’s this deep-rooted soul work­—trust in ourselves and the places we live—that holds us close like a mother, guides us through hardships and provides energy whenever we’re ready to grow. These stories start in the soil and build outward from those growing points, safe within us and just underfoot.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of a new community that believes our provenance can be the source of our possibilities. Read the rest of “Growing Points” from the publisher or order Issue 01 now.


The 1000-Year Plan for the Lower Midwest by Adam Saunders

From Ditchdiggers to Breadwinners by Bryce McElhaney

Bats on the Rebound? by Kathy Love

We Carry Our Homeland With Us by Alice Driver

Growing Up Hungry by Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton



One Definition of Intimacy by Erin Bertram

The Lesson by Amanda Williams

Praise the Bird by Kim Lozano

Personal Geology by Kate Strum

Chemo To Go by Sandee Woods



Regionalist Stirrings in the Midwest by Jon Lauck

Not Your Mama’s Discipline by LySaundra Campbell

This Little Piggy Solved Your Food Problem by Lauren Manning




Light Room

Out of Many


Submitted: Excerpt from Home for a While

Submitted: Potatriots in Leavenworth


Review: Katie Williams