Double Take: The New Territory Issue 03


Issue 03 of The New Territory magazine takes a second look at the Lower Midwest, where things aren’t always as they seem.

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Tainted Spring by Andrew Reeves

How well-meaning conservationists spawned a fish invasion

Dividing Lines by Ginger Hervey

When it comes to transportation, connection can come at an unequal cost

The Man Who Was Twain’s Mysterious Stranger by Max McCoy

Can we trust the man who penned Mark Twain’s story?

A Wild Hunger by Patrick Mainelli

Notes on eating, foraging and the power of looking closer

Election Uncertainty: From Bogota to Norman by Jorge Krzyzaniak

Students in Oklahoma say Colombia’s healing depends on friendly foreign relations


First Love by Rose Hansen

Three poems by Sarah Fawn Montgomery


Untaming the Mild Frontier by Doug Kiel



Light Room

Out of Many

Network: Jane Fleming Kleeb by Danielle Corcione

Network: Brewers, Grocers and Liquor Store Owners by Jorge Krzyzaniak

Submitted: Overlooked Fishes of the Ozarks by Cody Holloway

Submitted: A City that Matters — St. Louis and Show Me $15 by Dannie Boyd

Here: “Buried Truths,” Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Nebraska by Frances Backhouse

Here: Hartford Community Cafe, St. Louis by Kim Oswalt



Lonesome Dreamer (Timothy G. Anderson) by Carson Vaughan

 Wolf Hunter (The Creek Rocks) by T.S. Leonard

Sincerely, Me (Adam Lee) by Jorge Krzyzaniak