In Defense: The New Territory Issue 02

Cover 02 72 dpi

Issue 02 takes us through a vulnerable urban community of Lincoln, Nebraska, into Midwestern corn fields where a prairie deer mouse lost its prairie, Michael Noll’s fictional suburbia where strangers are kept strange, and on the western plains with Lozen, who defended her tribe during the U.S. genocide against Native Americans. We even examine our own psyche, what makes us rage, and what can redeem us. Read “In Defense,” an introduction by publisher Tina Casagrand.

New Territory readers know that unsung stories are often the ones most worth defending. Order Issue 02 here.


We Are [Already] Vital by Jacob Zlomke
Residents of Lincoln’s Near South neighborhood fight for identity

“Which Leads Us to the Terrible Beauty of Midwestern Road Rage” by Michaella A. Thornton
We’ll leave you a slice of pie, but we’ll shoot your tailgate with a gun

Lozen by Natasha Alterici
Original short comic on a Chiricahua Apache woman’s incredible life story

Evolution in the Cornbelt by Conor Gearin
As we enter the Sixth Extinction, one tiny creature learns to thrive

Reading the Skies by Bryce McElhaney
Did Oklahoma City deliver on its promise to protect Spanish-speakers during storms?


The Dependents by Michael Noll

C’mon Exhaustion by michael e woods

Amber by Cameron Morse

There are three women in the back of the canoe, and each one knows your name by Kelli Allen


Slavery, Freedom and African American Voices in the Midwest by Melissa Stuckey

Feminist Theory: From Jesus to Center by LySaundra Campbell

Unconventional Heroes: Opportunities for Cover Crops in Conservation and Entrepreneurship by Sami Tellatin and Rob Myers



Light Room

Out of Many


Submitted: Rural Superstitions by Laura Jewell

Here: The Taking of the Trails by Margo Farnsworth

Here: Pigeon Creek by Patrick Mainelli

Review: Bad Faith by Theodore Wheeler by Nathan Sindelar

Review: God Hates by Mallory Daily

Review: Small-Town Midwest by Mallory Daily

Review: The Hooten Hallers by Jorge Krzyzaniak

Eavesdropping: Happy Trails