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  • 112 pages
  • Perfect bound
  • FSC certified, non-gloss paper
  • Full color
  • Printed in Missouri

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Get The New Territory shipped straight to your mailbox. Our fourth issue, “Coexisting,” looks at how Midwesterners navigate new neighborhoods, be it a small town with a growing international population or iconic prairie animals trying to survive the changing landscape. This issue features journalism by Emily Wortman-Wunder, Krista Langlois, Bryce McElhaney, Conor Gearin and Rose Hansen. Subscribe here (link) and don’t miss an issue.

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  • 112 pages
  • Perfect bound
  • FSC certified, non-gloss paper
  • Full color
  • Printed in Missouri



 Ears to the Ground by Emily Wortman-Wunder
Ranchers and government agents. Prairie dogs and the ferrets that eat them. An unlikely team of rivals is making stewardship work on the plains.

Gone with the Wind by Bryce McElhaney

After decades of stresses, can the lesser prairie-chicken survive Oklahoma’s new wind farms?

The Shifting Complexion of McDonald County by Rose Hansen

When a small town changes so dramatically, how do neighbors get along?

Too Sick to Go Home, Too Poor to Get Better by Krista Langlois


We Can Surely No Longer Pretend by Katie Young Foster

Three poems by Jordan Durham


 Network: Stacie Bloomfield: The Business of Art


  1. Gino

    Don’t make Noel Mo. Sound so extravagant because it is no longer the beautiful place it once was.

  2. Sami Tellatin

    My real review is somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, otherwise equal to AWESOME. I always look forward to the New Territory- it’s a great opportunity to sit back with a cup of coffee and learn more about the states I grew up in and close to, and to see local writers’ work. I look forward to future newsletters and issues, and to seeing how this project grows!

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